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Connect. Journey. Transform.

JourneyŌM is dedicated to helping seekers on their path to transformation, forging connections with guides, and illuminating the journey to enlightenment.

Greetings fellow travelers on this path we call life. We are JourneyŌM, a concierge service that helps connect the curious-minded, the seekers, and those ready to begin their self-healing journey to trusted, vetted, and experienced guides of psychedelic-assisted therapy. We are building a trusted network, united by a shared commitment to growth, healing, and reciprocity. Together, we can create a harmonious integration of mind, body, and spirit, ensuring holistic well-being throughout your journey.


A person who is attempting to find or obtain tools that will help them start, continue, or grow along their journey. For the seeker, JourneyŌM provides a roadmap and connection to the right guides that can support them to the next point along their own path to enlightenment. We are currently accepting new seekers to our waiting list.


A JourneyŌM curator whose job is to assist seekers by arranging introductions to guides. Additionally, they answer questions and facilitate correspondences while working to ensure that seekers feel comfortable, knowledgeable, and prepared.


A person actively engaged in an art, discipline, and profession of support services around non-ordinary states of being. At JourneyŌM, we carefully research, connect with, and interview each guide so that JourneyŌM can connect our seekers to the best possible support along their journey. Our commitment to trust, transparency, and support empowers individuals to embark on their journey with confidence. We are currently meeting and interviewing new guides.


On the road this winter

We’re traveling, listening, and meeting guides who are interested in JourneyŌM. Are you interested in having a conversation?

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